Friday, July 29, 2011

Wedding Design

Weeeeek! After almost a two year engagement it feels like our fall wedding is just around the corner. I am still going to be doing the Boston Arts Festival this year and Fort Point Open Studios. The next few months are jam-packed, so I know the time will just fly by.

I have been hording my vacation time so it will be lovely to have a much needed two week vacation in the country.

Above I have posted some images of the Save The Dates and the wedding invites. I used a gocco printer to print the text section of the invites. I used 4by6 (the company I use for my business cards) for the color map as well as the fox and bunny "paper dolls".

A lot of wedding projects will be hand created to give me an opportunity to work on my design skills. I really need to practice Illustrator and In Design, so I have worked out a Comic/program project for myself. I will be posting some snippets of my work here in the next few months.

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