Friday, December 21, 2012

So, I've been frequenting Kickstarter more and more recently, and it is starting to become highly addictive. One of my favorite pastimes is looking at art and comics and trying to support underrepresented artists by collecting my small change and purchasing little things that they are selling, sometimes I can afford an original piece.

Well, Kickstarter gives you a chance to support a project that is not completed yet, still in production, think of it as investors in a company, sort of.

Often, an creator (usually someone with some experience on the subject) will pitch an idea and ask for a specific amount of monetary support within a certain # of days. In return the creator will offer various different incentives (available only through kickstarter) such as inclusion of your portrait in the comic they are drawing, credit, creative input, a thank you or original art work (some people come up with really inventive things).
If the kickstarter is funded and succeeds your rewards often increase in value and you get the satifaction of helping launch a project at the ground level, sort of like a producer.
If the Kickstarter dose not reach its goal in the allotted time the project will not go into production, you will not get your incentives and your card will not be charged.
So there is a little bit of a gamble involved as well.

In the last few days I think I have backed about four projects, it is so much fun. If the project goes into production the artist will also, sometimes, continue to update you on their progress.
This has been my favorite kickstarter to follow so far... maybe it has made my e-mail in-box overflow, but it is worth it.

Inspired by my Kickstarter heroes I have decided to launch a project of my own. I was thinking about kickstarting my comic I've been working on, but I decided to launch something a little more reasonable to begin with. This way I can see how things work and iron out the kinks.

I'm really excited about this!

Here is the project:

I'm asking for $350 to print 20-500 limited edition prints of my "Robot" painting.
This is one of my favorite paintings and I sold the original fairly quickly. I would like to revive this little guy by getting some really nice prints made.
I set my goal fairly low, uncertain if  raise enough, (the cost of about 30 prints) so if we can go beyond the $350 that would be awesome! I have set additional wicked cool reward levels if I exceed the base amount and I will unlock them as we reach different tier levels.
On my Kickstareter I have some really nice incentives for your pledges such as commissioned pieces (I rarely do commissions), sticker packs and comics, something for everyone so show it to your friends.

Thanks for your support, oh and if you end up making a kickstarter be sure to send me the link so I can support you.