Friday, October 20, 2006

Time to Quit my day job?

Well not quite,

But I am selling my paintings faster than I can paint.

Prints help a lot ,, they keep people intrested in my work and provide a little income inbetween paintings. I think I may have to raise my prices again.. I know my work is cheep but I want to still keep some of the orignals affordable to people that would not normally purchase art.. (college students, starving artists and such)

we will see..

on the top of my list is to update my website and get a nice body of work done for a cafe show I'm having in the new year.

I do not think I will do the Boston SciFiCon this year, they moved it and now it is harder to get to...I will also need some more time to paint. ------ Happy Halloween..

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Boston arts festival

I had a very short interview at the Boston arts festival wich aired on the Boston news channel. I interview badly, but it was good pratice.. I guess.