Friday, July 26, 2013

Flour Sack Dress

I was working on my mini-comic last month and I came across some interesting information on my visual research journey. (The comic is almost done and in its final stages of being buffed up a bit)

I wanted the little farm children in the comic to be very poor, wearing flour sacks for clothes. In my imagining flour sack dresses were just joke clothing (nothing anyone ever really wore). I was surprised and delighted to find that during the depression and the dust-bowl numerous farm families made dresses out of flour-sacks. The grain and flower companies became aware that their bags were being used as clothing and they began to print their bags with colorful patterns. Some of these clothes made out of these bags highlighted the flower logos and other dresses were intricately sewn pieces of art.

                                                                    FeedSack Fabric

                                                   A Feedbag Dress from FreePeople

                                                 A Modern FlourSack Dress By Liz Alig
Floursack on Etsy
Beautiful Patterns

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