Monday, November 23, 2009

Holiday Shopping

This holiday season I will have some of my work at the Fort Point store in Boston. You can check out the link and find directions here.. I will also be listing some new items on Etsy within the next few weeks. Soon I will be posting more process photos of the paintings I am working on, maybe after Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! -Jen

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

All About Pies

Thanksgiving always brings back my urge to bake. The cool air of fall is much cozier with a warm oven and the rich smell of spices. We usually cook at least two pies, pumpkin and apple. I think I will also bake a key lime pie this year. When I was growing up the best pie shop was just down the road Pie in the Sky. Ymmm, Bumble berry pie. All this pie talk makes me want to watch Pushing Daises, what wonderful magical-realism, with such a sweet spirit. I loved to watch for the fancy wardrobes and all those pies, ingredients piled high on lightly floured marble counter tops and a glorious kitchen. What a sight! I recently quelled some of my Pushing Daisies craving with a movie called "The Waitress" What a great movie! so many pictures of pies and they relate perfectly to enhance the mood of the movie.. Maybe it was just the uniforms, but this movie also reminded me a little of Twin Peaks -mmmm Cherry Pie

Monday, November 16, 2009

Cheese Shop Print

This is my first limited edition print, just in time for the holidays. It came out so nice, what fine quality and attention to detail! For more information and to order please visit my Etsy. It has been a little warm here lately I'm hopeing for some more fall weather before Thanksgiving.