Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Tree

For some reason the holidays seem a lot less stressfull this year, I think I'm managing my time a little better and narrowing the amount of random art projects I take on.  I'm also scheduling a little more time for hanging out with friends and seeing the finery this city has to offer.

I set a very strict budget for Christmas shopping, and stuck to it. yay!
My Christmas shopping is done.

This weekend I will be baking up a storm: cookies, cakes and  mince meat pies.  I love the smell of an oven full of pastries in the chilly air of my loft.

Today a ton of painting ideas were pouring onto the pages of my sketchbook.  Somehow I think the cooler weather helped jump-start my brain (or maybe it was the coffee).
Once the sketches form into a little more then the chicken-scratch rough ideas that they are now, I will post some photos.

I have uploaded some new work into my Etsy store.  Most of the pieces I'm working on now I will be secretly stowing in a dark corner until their premier reveal at the Three Graces Gallery in Feb.

-Happy holidays all
-Wishing you a white Christmas