Monday, November 29, 2010

New Paintings

Currently I'm working on a few new paintings for the Three Graces Gallery show and trying to prepare for the holidays, so I will not be doing many holiday sales.

This week I will be re-stocking the FPAC store with prints and a few new paintings. I will also be posting some more of my work on Etsy. I still have fairly cheep un matted unsigned prints on Deviant Art.

Happy Christmas shopping

My Favorite Supplies

Here are some of my favorite art supplies:

A mechanical pencil (it keeps a nice sharp point) A 005 Sakura pen, I find the nibs in these tend to sink into the tip fairly quickly, but I have not found a pen I like better yet. A tiny tiny paintbrush. I also have a "large" 1 1/2" paintbrush for doing washes over a whole painting.

Weekly Walks

Recently we decided to take a weekly walk. It is really quite surprising how close everything is in Boston and what neat little nooks and crannies there are out there to be discovered. The day after thanksgiving we went to the South End to check out Gaslight. Sadly, they were closed, but we got a nice peek in the window. Then we were off to the Butcher shop ( I love the pig sign).

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Eve

Oh sad day. My favorite Starbucks mug broke this morning. I checked e-bay to see if I could get a new one and they are $75. Holy crap! I guess it is time to find a new mug. The next few days I will be taking a little rest from painting. I will be cooking up a big Thanksgiving feast, bacon covered turkey, pretzel rolls, green beans, baked Brussels sprouts, homemade orange ginger cranberry sauce, and four kinds of pies. Yummm! Oh how I love the fall weather and harvest-time cooking. Over the holidays I will be showing in a few small works group shows. I will also have some small works and prints in the FPAC small works group show at the Fort Point store, by the awesome Flour bakery. Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Rotten Teeth

I just came back from the dentist,, and I have more cavities! My penchant for sweets has caught up with me. Inspired by my tooth-woes I'm doing a mini series, little paintings of all my cavities selling at the price they will cost to fill. I will be posting the paintings on Etsy.