Monday, August 26, 2013

Boston Arts Festival 2013

The fall-sale season and the Boston Arts Festival are rapidly approaching. My summer efforts are coming together and I'm getting paintings all packed up and labeled for next weekend.

Boston Ahts Festival

This will be my first sale of the Fall season!
The festival will showcase of over 50-juried visual artists from the Boston area as well as a performing arts & interactive arts program.
This year do not miss:

Aug 31st. At 9:00pm fireworks display.
and the grand opening of the new carousel.

• Boston: Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park
• Sat, Aug 31st – Sun, Sep 1st, 12 – 6pm. 

 This year I have titled my series of works "Fly Away home" most of the paintings in this series developed from exploring the idea of home, connections and travel. Most of these paintings continue to include wild woodland girls and fuzzy creatures.

Over the summer I've been continuously working on numerous projects and trying to finish up a little Graphic Novel. As practice for my fancy comic my husband (Tomas Swift) and I have been working on a few quick storyboards. I have compiled these little comics and some sketches into a new photocopied zine project that includes all kinds of nifty animals, words and mini story-lines. I'm excited to announce it's debut at the Boston Arts Festival.

For my Fall sales I will also have a new set of pin-back buttons, frog stickers and the limited edition fancy prints from my Kickstarter.

-hope you can stop by.