Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Feaver

Wow! It is starting to get really nice out. My recent trip to Paris and the spring weather has induced a cleaning and baking tirade. This weekend, after my Space 242 opening, I'm going to try to make some of the traditional french macaroons. I have a feeling it may be a blusterous undertaking, but well worth the effort if they work out. My latest show "Vagabond Blues" part of the "6 Pack" show opens this Friday at Space 242. The openings at space 242 are always great. I will be showing with 5 other very talented artists: Dave Macmahon, Patt Kelley and my favorites Christopher Lyles and George Pfromm II

The opening will be Friday the 26th from 6-8pm

Please RSVP on the website: