Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Give-Away

Hello all-

I was recently cleaning up my apartment and I came across this little painting. It is a tiny little thing about 2" square, painted with acrylic paints on a piece of illustration board. I could not find a frame for it so I am offering it as a give-away prize.

The rules:

Please reply to this post.

Provide your e mail address.

On July 21st I will check the posts and randomly choose a recipient. I will e-mail you and ask you for your address so I can send you this tiny painting.

-Good Luck!

Gearing up For the Fall

I know, summer has just started, but it seems like Fall is just around the corner.

I was just informed that I got into the Boston Arts festival again this year. This year it will only be two days, Saturday the 10th of Sep and Sunday the 11th.

I will also be participating in the Fort Point Open Studios; Oct 14th 15th and 16th.

In between my day job (really a night job) and painting I will be working and selling my work at the FPAC store, right next to the yummy Flour Bakery.

Below are some snippets of paintings I have been working on: