Sunday, May 24, 2009

Japanese Things

My parents just visited from Japan and brought me a ton of cool things. Now I have all kinds of neat little inspirations; toys patterns and stickers. Below are some pictures of some cute sweet little candies with sugar sparkles. The upper left guys with the fish are boy's day candies and the lower right are Girl's day candies. She also found me this tin of candies which seems to have a little parade of daemon critters and monsters on it, which is kind of odd because this is a theme I have been working on in a few of my most recent paintings. Maybe I will do some research ant try and figure out what these little creatures are, they may just be random besties. Below are some stickers with Japanese Engrish "Animal Panic, Can you understand this variation?" soo cute and odd. Finally some really cute animal soy bottles for kid's Bento "lunch" Boxes and some Japanese fabric.