Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Little Things Along the Way

These past few weeks I've been out of my studio a bit more, collecting picture frames and doing some art sales. Between running errands I found some cute things. I ran into this girl at the Boston Arts Festival that makes cute little ornaments out of wicked soft spun cotton. My boyfriend got an octopus and I purchased a pointy-toothed fox. Check out more of her work on her website she also has work on Etsy. She has all kinds of cute things and some great vintage Halloween animals and ghouls. While wandering through Chinatown I came across this cute little piggy snack-cake. He was not the best tasting pig, but he had a lovely face and great beady little eyes . A while back I also got sent this cute little packet of goodies from Brandi Milne. This box of trinkets was from a Pay It Forward project she was doing on her blog. The whole packet was wrapped up with star paper enclosing Double Bubble, a cloth strawberry, a pink-haired doll-person and Starlight mints. The little strawberry is precious, it has a tiny bell in it. I'm sure my cat would adore it, but it is safe in my display cabinet for now. I really like her most Brandi's most recent work with toothy bunnies, strawberries and German text, check out her Blog. Her work reminds me a little of Nouar. - Ok, I'm back to getting prepared for open studios -Jen