Sunday, January 03, 2010

Gulu-Gulu Salem

Today, through all the snow and in-climate weather, we made the trek to Salem to hang the show. Between trying to level paintings, sorting through bubble wrap and scaling ladders we sipped on lattes. We rewarded ourselves with a break for a much needed lunch and a relaxing commuter rail ride home. I love riding the commuter rail, it reminds me of traveling in Europe, something about the seats and suitcase racks. The snow added to the illusion. Everything is now up and the walls look great. Below I have posted some process pictures of some of my pieces. Hope you all can make it to the show opening on Jan 14th. I will be enjoying a vanilla latte martini, my favorite.

Happy 2010!

What a crazy year... I've neglected to update recently because the holidays have been so busy. It seemed like all my free time was packed with, tons of art food parties and cooking. We got a real Christmas tree this year. It smells so much better than last year's cardboard tree. Some really cute things: Some Damn Fine Tea! The packaging is stellar. It comes with two limited editions and lots of old-timey boxing mustachios... reminds me a little of the new Sherlock Holmes movie. Check out this comic! I have not read through it all yet, but the little pictures of Pete the woodsman and his animal friends are charming. For the holidays I also made a German Christmas log cake, complete with little meringue mushrooms. I usually do a lot more baking over the holidays, but I still managed this and a little gingerbread house. The best Christmas surprise of all: After a Christmas Eve dinner of home made meet pies, egg nog and wine, my boyfriend proposed! eeeeekkk!!!! It is bound to be a long engagement, but we are both hoping for a fall wedding without lace or pastels. Happy New Year Everyone!