Saturday, September 16, 2006

Open Studios

The Boston arts festival went really well last weekend. I got two interviews, one for cable access and one from my starbucks friend. I really do not interview that well, but it was good to have the experience. I also got a offer to show at a coffee shop out of town, wich I will most likely do if I have the time and enough work. I sold a lot of paintings and now I do not have much work for open studios. I do have a few more days off than usual and some almost finished paintings, but I also have a wedding to attend up in Maine wich will take up a little time but should be fun. Open studios should be really good this year, a lot more artists moved into our building and I feel that I have a more well-rounded body of work. Prints seem to work really well to cut down on my stress level and fill that gap of lower priced pieces. They also help show a broader representation of my work if I have sold out of most of my 0rignals. -yay prints!

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